quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Now we are moving forwards

Tonight I have a thing, and I'm not really trying to invite you. It was not a wild coincidence to see you here.

Let me tell you something, you and I have been kind of together for one and a half year and you have always spoken like a guy who isn't only my friend. I really just came to say goodbye and I guess it's pretty unbelieveble if I say "I'll miss you".

How could we do it? How could you do it (and you know what I mean)? I just want to see a litle optimism in the corner, that means we need to be independent. Me bymyself, and you by yourself, I mean alone.

So, I guess it is not possible, you are hilarious and I'm glad we can still manage it, that's kind of funny. Will I not invite you anymore to the sunday's brunch or to the friday's night out?

I must behave. I'm saying goodbye and you are the one who is living. So, you are not living because of me? And after all? Should I thank you for coming?

You know, I need you here like I need you there. I won't let you go at any price, you always said "we'd meet again". Maybe one day we'll look back to this and laugh, but now it is not my kind of joke.Nowadays it is my kind of Drama.

One day, maybe tomorow, something will bright up. So, for now, you will be forever the sweetest thing, the one I appreciate an I thank everyday every little thing you have donne for me.

In the last year it has been so intense, sometimes good, sometimes bad...

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