quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2014

I want to follow you, so don't follow me

It's so hard to move on, but nobody can love someone for ever.
It will be my final request: I want to kiss you. Let's do it.
But what does that mean? What am I doing? This does not make any sense. I'm scared. I'm an idiot after all. I like my old self. I miss her. She had 'nuts'...
This is kinda kreeping me out, all of this new thoughts and new way of feeling. I need an answer; let's get over with all of it. My heart is racing, not seeing you feels like the end of the world. But as I told you crazy me do crazy things. Trust me because I just can't trust me now. I just want to scratch the past and start again.
Forget my last request and I'll forget you.
Make a whish... And let's toast do the incredible and unique relation we had. And, again, that's it. What do you think? Don't fight it, this was never the way it was suposed to be... So I guess we shoudn't start doing wright things now.
I'll walk way, wave, fell de summer, say goodbye but don't, please, don't follow me.

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